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A new teacher-training school. Some thoughts.

From coalition member David Salter:

The Franklin School of Education

1.The need for a better public school educational system in Washington DC has never been greater. While DCPS scores may have increased very slightly in 2009, so have the scores of the rest of the nation. Washington DC remains with the worst scores in the country. (1)

2.Washington DC has 110 hotel properties and 27,500 hotel rooms. The Greater Metropolitan Washington Region has 600 hotel properties and 95,000 hotel rooms with 18 properties currently under construction to be completed in 2010. It is questionable that there is a pressing need for another hotel at the site of the Franklin School. (2)

3.Although more money is spent per student in Washington D.C. than in any other school system in the country, annual evaluations of academic performance consistently place DC at the bottom of the country.

4.The entire educational process in Washington needs to change and evolve in a way that is incremental, intelligently guided by research, the thoughtful application of old theories and the development of new ones.

5.Creating the Franklin School of Education has the potential to do the following:

Preserve the building respecting the National Register and HPO restrictions

Honor the architect (Adolf Cluss) who designed the school, which opened in 1869

Minimize the amount of restoration and reconfiguration required to create a school of the future in a building  designed to function as a school of the past

Create a Teachers’ School of Education to train teachers to effectively meet the unique needs of Washington D.C. students

Develop an Education Research Institute within the Franklin School of Education whose mission is to continuously assess data and novel approaches to education within the DC School system. Results would be immediately available and applicable to not only the Washington School system but to any other school system in the nation.

Create a living curriculum based on the needs of students in the Washington DC public school system as identified through research in education

Within the Franklin School of Education there would be training programs for K-12, Undergraduate and Postgraduate education teachers.

A new pathway would be developed for current teachers for recertification or to studying freestanding modules of value to individual careers.

Become the home to an Office of International Education that would connect to highly respected educational “think tanks” and Institutes around the world to share “best practice principles” and to work collaboratively on research projects.

Create an Office of Technology in Education dedicated to research in the application and development of learning and teaching technology.

In parallel with the geographic fulltime faculty and students there would be a Franklin School of Education Online Curriculum dedicated to the needs of practicing teachers across the country. This college would provide a nationally recognized certificate of competence in specific areas of study.

Teach a group of 160 highly selected DC students (40 per year)



2.2009 National Assessment of Educational Progress at Grades 4 and 8 

3. (the highest obesity rate in the world)